Geoprobe 7730 DT

The Geoprobe 7730 is designed for heavy duty jobs without losing the flexibility of the smaller rigs. This rig has more power to reach deeper probing and drilling depths. In detail, the rig has:

  • Heavy duty undercarriage with a wider track that carries more weight, adds more torque, reduces ground pressure and handles greater tool weight
  • Built-in rotary spindle for concrete drilling, augering, and anchoring
  • Hydraulic winch for handling augers and tripping dual tube sampling tools
  • Hydraulic movement in all three axes for easy probe alignment on difficult terrain
  • Equipped for Geoprobe tooling and logging equipment
  • 190 L Water Transport System with high pressure washer
  • Hydraulic liner extruder


Weight: 4358 kg
Length (folded): 3658 mm
Width: 1981 mm
Height (folded): 2591 mm (4674 mm unfolded)

Down Force:160 kN
Retraction Force: 214 kN

Rotation Rate (hammer motor): 0-240 rpm (bi-directional)

Water Transport Capacity: 190 L