Geotechnical Services

Adelaide S.A. PQ diamond core at 55.0m

Diamond Coring

NQ3, HQ3,PQ3 and NMLC

Age Bridge Packers

NQ, HQ, PQ.  also various size inflatable packers for pressure grouting of bores.


Cone penetrometers with seismic and piezo capabilities, direct push via Geoprobe tracked rigs

 Seismic cptu cone in south west Victoria


Geotechnical investigations made easy with the 8040. this rig can auger,diamond core NQ -PQ, Auto SPT hammer and push CPT cones. 

Gleneld S.A. Bridge investigation . SPT, U63 and CPT with 1 rig


Angle drilling under live infrastructure

South Western Drilling staff regularly undertake rail safety training.